Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Flora Finished

Here's a finished object, finally! I admit, it's a quick knit, but I really needed the satisfaction of finishing something during the Christmas festivities. It's a Fall 2005 Knitty pattern, named Flora by Kate Kuckro. I love the simple pattern, especially the flower. I've seen other examples of this pattern completed with crocheted flowers, but the moss stitch flower pattern is the perfect complement to the scarflet that also has a moss stitch border. I also enjoyed learning the twisted loop technique used for the centre of the flower. I didn't quite "get" the technique at first, but after reading the directions over a couple of times, it was pretty straightforward. Initially, I thought of giving this scarflet to my grandma, but my sister loved it so much after seeing it on Christmas Day that I gifted her again. My grandma will probably appreciate a more simpler version of this scarf. I'll be making another Flora for myself next, but I will be modifying it by making the scaflet skinnier and shrinking the flower, either by fulling or using only one strand of yarn vs. two. Who knows, I might even offer my grandma the modified scarflet before taking it for myself. Here are the specs for the finished neck warmer:

Pattern: Flora
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino (Col. Burgandy)
2 strands held together for pattern
Needles: 5.5 mm needles
Notes: great small project with quick satisfying results!

I hope everyone experience some joy this Christmas and holiday season. Eat, drink, and savour any knitting or spinning time that you can get.

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