Saturday, January 06, 2007

Amazing Jellyfish!

Happy New Years Everyone!

Look where the boys and I went on Thursday......the Vancouver Aquarium! The Aquarium has recently set up a room to highlight their beautiful collection of moon jellyfish. They're just the coolest looking creatures up close! D is looking at the biggest jellyfish that we found in the room. They're called Lions mane Jellyfish.

After the Aquarium, I couldn't let the opportunity slip to pay a visit to Dressew, since I was passing through the downtown area. Some call me crazy to take two young boys to Dressew where there is such a big potential for the two of them to get into trouble, but I've been thinking of going there for the past three days!. Besides, R was so tired after the Aquarium that he fell asleep in the car and I only had one child to deal with while the other one slept in the stroller. Just look at the great buttons I found for my Flora that's waiting to be finished. And look a little closer at the prices!!! When the selection and prices can't be beat, I'll risk being yelled at by a Dressew salesclerk who might tell me to stop my boys from spinning all the button racks all at once or having other customers give me the dirty looks, because the two of them are running up and down the busiest aisles. (Yes, these aforementioned things have actually happened to me before at Dressew on other occasions.) The only difficulty of this visit to Dressew was carrying the stroller down two sets of stairs with a sleeping R in it to the basement where the buttons are located. C'est dommage! There's no elevator at Dressew.

So, this is what I've been working on lately with my latest hand-dyed, handspun. Care to take a guess? I'll post the FO as soon as I can.

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