Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Winter's Here

This is what we woke up to yesterday and I believe it was -11degrees C (-18 degrees C with wind chill) overnight. Beautiful to look at, but I think I much prefer it up in the mountains. If only I had a fireplace! That would definitely make winter a whole lot better.....and of course more time to knit and spin. That wheel of mine has been in the same location in the living room for two months now, and gets an occasional spin from R, who thinks it's funny to get a reaction from me. I guess it's a good reminder that I need to use it. I promise you that it is ignored, but not abandonned.

The past two months have been full of computer woes (power supply and logic board replacement), visits by my brother, L from HK (Happy belated b-day BTW) with his other fab half, C, Hallowe'en, doctors' appointments, more playdates, an added ABC program for D, custom orders, and now Chrismas is here! Whew! I'll definitely try not to get out of the groove again like that.

Lately, I've been enamoured with tweed yarn and experimenting with it. This one is Paton's Tweed Chunky. I love the colours, but I do wish that it was 100% wool, so that I could felt it. There are some felting projects "in the works" at present, so my stash will be worked on....I've even ordered a new felting mat and felting tool. Can't wait for it to arrive!