Monday, March 31, 2008

Exciting Times

One of us is learning to take photos.

Another is learning to write.

And Mama is producing finished objects! See here..... it's Julsey's Reversible Winter Capelet knit in Elann's Peruvian Highland Bulky. This was a fun, quick knit despite having to rip out eight rows twice from being distracted at D's entertaining Purple Dragon/karate class and making mistakes in the raglan increases. And if you can believe it, I ran out of yarn while binding off the last sleeve! I had to order one more skein from elann just to finish this project! Who'd a thought I'd be just short a yard or two???!?

Here are the project specs:
Reversible Winter Capelet--size S-M
Yarn: elann's Peruvian Highland Bulky in Coffee Bean Brown
Skeins used: 5
Needles: 8mm circs (80cm)
Gauge: 12sts
Mods: Shortened sleeves by a row on each side to conserve yarn, but just couldn't do it to complete project without having to order that fifth skein!....F*x%k!