Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Here's to an Even More Creative New Year!

Look! A Present for Me!

2007 was a fun, creative year for me. I got the chance to practise more with the digital camera, knit some socks, re-acquaint myself with the sewing machine, spin with a drop spindle, experiment with new hat designs for the shop, and just keep up with custom orders while family life and a work life (outside of the home) continues. Oh, and let's not forget my hardcore addictions to yarn buying that keep me busy on Ravelry and to keeping up with this super gratifying blog that keeps me creatively connected to all those interested... Thanks for reading everyone! I didn't get a chance to finish that Electra vest like I had hoped for in 2006, but 2008 has only just begun. I'll continue to aim for Electra's completion, as well as for more knitting, spinning, dyeing, photography, and all my other crafty interests! Maybe this will be the year I manage to make time to attend a Vancouver Spinners' Guild Meeting or a Maiwa class??? Or maybe just to slow down and complete some UFOs and attack the growing yarn stash?