Friday, February 29, 2008

Made Me a Pair of Fetching

I finally made myself a pair of Fetching using some lovely Sierra Aran (elann yarn) in the most delicious deep brown colour (walnut), and I'm very happy with it, despite just two little mistakes in the cables at the beginning of my first mitt where I twisted the wrong way. Oh well, I just couldn't be bothered to fix them. It just seemed too stressful at the time. I think, if you caught me with this situation ten years back, I would've frogged the whole thing and started all over again, but since having children and living life with so much on my plate, I've just learned to pick and choose what to really stress over. I went down some needle sizes (used 3-1/2mm) to get the tighter gauge asked for in the pattern. Anyhow, I've been wearing my Fetching for a few days now, and love 'em! It's funny how little things can make you so happy!

Friday, February 08, 2008

So cool!

D: Mom! Come here! Come see my spit! (calling me to bathroom where he is brushing teeth after being given a lollipop by grandpa)

Me: Why?

D: Because it's cool!

So I go and take a look at his red spit and make a comment about how cool it is and agree with him that it looks like blood.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Checking Out the Skateboard Park

I've had lots of projects on the go these past few months, mainly baby-related, for a friend at work, whose wife is expecting, and for the upcoming births of my niece and nephew in HK. We just can't wait! I'll finally be an aunt (and to twins!) at the end of March on my side of the family. I'd like to show you some of the projects that I've started for "Thunder" and "Lightning", names my brother and sister-in-law in HK are calling their twins, but I know they check on this blog, so I'll have to show you a little later. In the meantime, I'll show you the Green Leaf Tweed newborn hat that I gifted to my friend at work recently. I was so happy that he loved it.

Here are some pics of our walk through the neighborhood to the skateboard park yesterday afternoon. This is the first time D and R have had the chance to explore the skateboard park more up close and personal, as there weren't any boarders around to make it impossible to go into the "pit".

As you can see, we had snow earlier in the week, which I'm more than happy to report is quickly disappearing on this beautiful sunny day.

I'm pretty sure this guy is really wishing that he had brought his skateboard with him. I was too lazy to look for all his safety gear, so I convinced him to leave the board at home. Maybe next time...

Besides, he can show you some treasure found...

and be entertained by R who is always making us laugh with his usual made-up expressions and mimicking.