Friday, February 29, 2008

Made Me a Pair of Fetching

I finally made myself a pair of Fetching using some lovely Sierra Aran (elann yarn) in the most delicious deep brown colour (walnut), and I'm very happy with it, despite just two little mistakes in the cables at the beginning of my first mitt where I twisted the wrong way. Oh well, I just couldn't be bothered to fix them. It just seemed too stressful at the time. I think, if you caught me with this situation ten years back, I would've frogged the whole thing and started all over again, but since having children and living life with so much on my plate, I've just learned to pick and choose what to really stress over. I went down some needle sizes (used 3-1/2mm) to get the tighter gauge asked for in the pattern. Anyhow, I've been wearing my Fetching for a few days now, and love 'em! It's funny how little things can make you so happy!

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