Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Paper Airplanes

Amidst all the Christmas activities that surround us, childrens' parties, staff dinners, decorations, shopping, music... all I want to do is this:

I found this cool pack of Japanese paper airplane folding paper at Daiso at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond on my Sunday break sans the boys. For those of you who have never heard of Daiso, it's a Japanese "toonie" store full of imported gadgets and goodies of all kinds, including Japanese teacups, notebooks, bamboo knitting needles, and kitchen gadgets. Everything is priced at $2 each, so one can easily go beszerk in here. I know, because I have on more than one occasion. However, it's always worth the effort to go to Daiso, because I always come home with something wonderful or inspirational.
So, like all Japanese crafting books, the Japanese airplane instructions are a little puzzling to follow at first, but the diagrams are so good that I eventually figure it out. D was so excited with his "eagle" airplane that it was hard calming him down for bedtime last night.

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