Saturday, May 12, 2007

Let Me Out!

With such beautiful warm weather yesterday, it was off to Trout Lake with the boys and some friends for a picnic. After lunch and some active play at the playground, I took D and R for a quiet ride around the park in our red wagon before heading home. Needless to say, R did not appreciate being buckled in once he realized he had the chance to be super close to some water. We had just arrived at a little, secluded pier (complete with a fisherman) near the edge of the lake, when R decided to make a supreme fuss. His powers of persuasion didn't take long to work on me, for I soon broke down and gave in to his desires of escape and freedom. With ducks to look at and murky water in which to look for fish and throw sticks and leaves, how could I resist not unbuckling both boys. Besides, I think the lone fisherman was getting annoyed that we were scaring his fish away by making so much noise.

Anyhow, I was also going to report on sock progress these past couple of days, but I had no choice other than to frog the sock! Yes, you read that correctly. All you have to do is look at the above photograph. Not only did I feel that the sock was a little small, I found some glaring mistakes!!! When I first saw the mistakes, I just thought, oh well, no one will notice when the sock is finished, but the more I knit, the more irritating those garter stitches were, popping up in the stocking stitch ribs (see between the limey green stripe and the darker green stripe). I just couldn't live with the broken up ribbing, so I'm starting all over again. It's a good thing that I didn't knit down to the heel yet.


juliet said...

wow, I would have never notice the mistake being a non-knitter and all- I think it gives the sock caracter!. i like your site faye! (this is erika's sister Juliet)

Erika Hastings said...

Dido. I never would have noticed. Actually, I remember reading that certain traditional cultures (I can't remember which ones) always weave a "mistake" into their craft work as a symbol that the Creator is the only one who can create something perfect. Interesting idea. I say, keep going with the socks!