Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bing Cherries and Gelati

The merino roving still hangs on the hanger near my wheel as the weekend was filled up with outings to community playgrounds, and to Trout Lake on Saturday morning for the East Van. Farmers' Market. There was little chance to stroll through the market with two little boys itching for some kid interaction and some fun on the slides. Here you see the boys taking a cracker break at the playground. I did, however, manage to convince the boys that we needed to buy the sweetest, juiciest Bing cherries before we left the market. All but a handful of these cherries (saved for P) made it home as we ate them under a shady tree. What a relief that I remembered to bring the baby wipes!

The boys and I made it out of the house late Sunday afternoon for a visit to the park with the "steep slide" (I think the real name is Swamp Tea Park). Then we took a short walk to Urban Source for cool finds such as cheap translucent sample bottles for my mixed dye colours (25cents each) and hip fabric samples for crafty inspiration. For those of you who have never been to Urban Source, I highly recommend paying them a visit for great alternative, reclaimed art materials. I've attended one of their art workshops that they put on at my neighbourhood house with my preschooler and toddler and had a lot of fun seeing all the ideas that came out of it. Anyhow, once I was able to coax R out of his fascinating activity of inserting styrofoam balls into rolled up tubes of paper in the store, the boys and I met up with P for some yummy gelati across the street. What better way to toast the Italians for winning their World Cup before heading home all sticky from both the heat and the treat.

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