Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sun Run Day

It was Sun Run Day here in Vancouver, and not only was I grateful for amazing sunny day weather (after snow on Friday night), but for finishing the 10K without feeling like I had to drag my entire body across the finish line this year. Although I didn't officially "train" this year, I have been hitting the gym regularly for the past four weeks and consciously trying to get in more sleep. This annual event is one that I've tried to keep up since the 90's and pre-kids. Now that we've had kids, I think I've only skipped the year R was born, and the year afterwards. D has been doing the Mini Sun Run since he was three years old, a fact of which he is proud. R, on the other hand, looks at us like we're crazy and prefers to watch the rest of us do all the work from his stroller seat. This year is the first where I did the Mini Sun Run (2.5K) with the family and then headed up to Georgia Street to do the 10K while Dad looked after the boys in the stadium. It was very "do-able" as it only took less than half an hour to complete the kids' run which started at 8am. The timed Sun Run did not start until 9am, and my group did not cross the start line until well after 9:30am. It was another record attendance year (close to 60, 000 participants, I heard), making the Sun Run the second-largest timed 10K race in the world and third-biggest timed race on the planet for any distance. How cool is that to be a part of such a big community event!

So, here's the Artsy Clutch that I recently completed from Amy Karol's Bend-the-Rules Sewing book. I used cotton fabric that I purchased at IKEA for the exterior and some leftover cherry blossom cotton print for the lining. This is a very cute, practical pattern that I'll probably be using again very soon.

And finally, another reversible fabric headband that I made this afternoon in a silk print on one side, and cotton/linen on the other side in three colors: brown, soft red, and light purple. This pattern worked out much better for my head after narrowing the width by 1cm. I'll definitely be making more of these too!

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