Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bamboo Love and Steve!

I stumbled across some great "finds" at HTnaturals today after picking up lunch at Fujiya for my little guy before his preschool. I have always intended to pay this eco-friendly store a visit, as they also carried some hemp yarn, but it was only in very limited colors, so it was just not a big enough "draw" for me to make it in. But boy, was I thrilled to have made the time to visit today. Still no bigger selection of hemp yarn, but great basic clothes with simple lines, great rich colors, nice little details, and best of all, clothes made with hemp and organic fabrics! I picked up some great deals in their sample baskets-- two super soft bamboo/organic cotton shirts (at five bucks each!!!) that would be great for biking and everyday wear. Bamboo is sooo comfy! I love it, because it has an anti-bacterial property in the fabric that doesn't require the use of chemical antibacterial agents. It's no wonder there are so many new bamboo sock yarns out on the market today. So, if it weren't for my time crunch to feed R and get him to preschool, I think I would've been shopping there all afternoon. I must add, if you are a lucky size 10--that is HTnaturals' primary sample size, you'd be buying up a lot of their five-buck deals. Sorry guys, I forgot to look at the primary sample size for you.

Here's what I'm working on now...... a cat pattern from Denyse Schmidt's book, Denyse Schmidt Quilts: 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects. I got my hands on some upholstery fabric sample books for next to nothing at the fabulous Ruby Dog's Art House and decided that I had to make "Steve" (or "Heart" as D calls him).


Lisa thedomesticdiva said...

How cute is that project you're working on!

Speaking of bamboo, I used to dismiss the whole bamboo fabric thing...until I learned it is anti-bacterial...how cool is that?

I think Michael Miller fabrics just added a sweet bamboo line and Robert Kaufman fabrics, too.

Definitely gonna buy some...they'll be perfect for items sewn for baby gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With friendship,

Faye said...

Thanks Lisa! I hope to finish "Steve" soon.
I'll also have to check out the Michael Miller and Robert Kaufman fabrics.....oooh the possibilities!!!

Love your blog lots! Keep those tutorials coming and eat lots of turkey!