Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What Am I Knitting?

Care to guess what I'm knitting? I've ceased to progress with any of my hats and started this project, which has pretty much consumed what little spare time I have in the day. Maybe I'm craving some mindless knitting or just a new project to satisfy some instant completion gratification??? Anyhow, too much has been going on around here with R starting preschool last week, the family dealing with hubby's medical issues, and work being less than understanding about the big picture of life. I'll hopefully be able to reveal my project within the week. Below are some activities the boys are keeping busy with:

alphabet stamping

making designs with glass pieces

A bag of coloured glass pieces--roughly a big handful was only 99 cents at Dressew! Wouldn't these glass pieces make a cool mobile? There is an article on sea glass in the Martha Stewart Living magazine (August 2007 issue) that has an excellent sea glass mobile project using driftwood and sea glass. Okay, so I'm not exactly using sea glass, but our glass would still be pretty hanging by the window!

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