Saturday, September 30, 2006

Beware of Falling Chestnuts!

It's that time of year again... when I brace myself either biking or pulling the two boys in the wagon down 10th Avenue, that I hope the chestnuts don't clonk one of us on our heads! There have been times biking home from work at night that I'll hear a mass of them fall on the hoods of cars sounding like a heavy hailstorm on a tin roof. I always thank my lucky stars that I've not been hit once since moving into this neighbourhood five years ago.

The boys and I were out with the wagon yesterday, which is what got me thinking about the chestnut hazard on the way to the library. The reason why we hauled our books to the library with the wagon was because our car had not just one flat, but two flat tires. Someone with way too much time on their hands and a warped sense of humour, decided to let the air out of my car tires (on the driver's side)and those of several other cars down my street on Wednesday morning. Just my luck. Oh well, the boys enjoyed the sunny autumn day by collecting a pile of chestnuts to and from the library.

As promised, above are pictures of some knitting that I finished on our vacation. It's my first ever pair of completed socks knit using the Magic Loop Method. You can still see the lines down the sock where the knitting was divided in half for the magic loop! I sure hope these lines disappear with some blocking or washing. Still, I'm pretty thrilled to have completed a pair of socks!

M's Socks

Pattern: Wendy's Toe-up Socks
Size: Calculation based on a 9" foot circumference
Yarn: Trekking XXL Color 90
Needles: Addi-Turbo Circulars (2.5mm)
Notes: Love this sock pattern! It's so simple once you get the short-row technique. The only trouble I had was picking up the stitches to close up holes, in a neat way, between the "live" stitches and the instep once the heel was completed.

Other projects on the go include my crocheted and embroidered hats. I just love the beautiful swirl created by this crochet hat pattern. I thought it was about time to update the shop with a few fall hats. I'm working slowly, but there's more to come, including the acorn tassel hats.

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