Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Weeding

I can't say I have much productive spinning or knitting to show for this past weekend, but I did receive Paula Simmons' reprinted book, Spinning for Softness and Speed in the mail. It was a very speedy transaction from start to finish. I wrote and mailed my request along with my cheque to Paula (Simmons)Green on Tuesday and I received the book in my mailbox on Friday! So far, the photos detailing how to position the hands for spinning using her technique are very helpful.

What I did accomplish this Sunday was to start some weeding in my poorly maintained garden and to undertake a major clean up of one of the garden beds. Now that Leeanne's garlic have all been dug up, it was a good time to start in on some of those invasive buttercup weeds that seem to send runners out in all directions of available ground space. I really shouldn't let the garden get so out of control!!! That's probably why I didn't have the motivation to even plant green beans this year. I really have to do better next year, especially when I once considered myself a gardener. Well, I'll leave you with a photo of me hard at work, taken by D. Not bad for a snap-happy four-year old, eh? Notice in the background, I did plant tomatoes.

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AJ said...

If anyone else needs a copy of Spinning for Softness and Speed I have them available for $24.95 through my bookstore. Paula is a long time customer of our shop, and asked us to republish them. or to contact us if anyone you know wants a copy.